Brown Hair Kate Hudson a new perspective on life

Brown Hair Kate Hudson - Kate Hudson Caramba with brown hair is not beautiful as when your hair is blond images.
Kate Hudson's brown hair for a new movie, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, and thank goodness the color is only temporary, because this is not a look at Kate permanent.For contemplate making the film, Kate Hudson hair color is horrible brown suits your character who is a friend of a young Pakistani working on Wall Street, which gets a new perspective on life after the terrorist attacks of 9 / 11.
New look brunette Kate does not seem to phase her boyfriend Matt Bellamy of Muse who was at the scene movie set with his 7 year old son Ryder. Well, maybe we're being a little bit of hair brunette Kate, but in all honesty it was a shock!

Kate Hudson and son Ryder Robinson chow down on snacks during their break from work on the set of The reluctant fundamentalist in New York on Tuesday. This marks the return of Kate making movies after giving birth to her baby in July Bing. This film is based on the New York Times best-seller that takes place over one night. Kate changed her signature blond hair a darker shade for the role and barely recognizable when she began filming his scenes with co-star serious Riz Ahmed. Hudson and his sons Ryder and Bing left London, where he spent much of the summer with her boyfriend Matthew Bellamy and his family last week. Kate also met friends like Kate Moss, while in the UK when I was not studying with Ryder. Matthew Muse band is currently on a break from touring, so maybe he will join Kate, Ryder, Bing and his little one in the Big Apple soon.

It is my belief that should always be able to look at old photos and distinguish one year to another just by looking at her hair: "Oh, look at my hair was dark and angular bob a coward, so it was 2009!" What are the latest hair trends and ideas for 2011? What hair colors are fine and the?

So far, it seems the hottest trend in hair that goes from 2011 is the long hair. I think the long hair, especially if it is below her shoulders, is holding strong. A lot of celebrities are sporting long hair again, slightly wavy hair, parted in the middle especially with the absence of shocks. Think hair like Kate Hudson or Drew Barrymore, who have been sporting this look for years.

Short hair is still popular. Of course there are a lot of celebrities are opting for shorter hair, and he is taking with grace. Jennifer Aniston Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes bob hairstyle love. I love Michelle Williams cut short pixie cut, adding to its simple and elegant at the Oscars 2011. If you carry a super busy life, then thinking of going short is a good option, of course, only if it has the texture of hair that will support.

Super curly hair super thick hair need not apply for a job with short hair. In my opinion, 2011 will see a lot of short hairstyles, but they will be super short styles with low maintenance. I think the days of short hair styles to be tons more, so we will not see shortcuts with sharp pieces, angle pieces, parts and dramatically longer in the front, while the cut close behind. Michelle Williams and timeless culture Halle Berry, are good examples of the short hair trend 2011.

Of course, if you're afraid to cut all the hair off, you can always change drastically their appearance only when she died. I think the colors will be warm this year, so we'll see a lot of dark brown, rich and warm color blonde. For the more adventurous, bold colors with shades of blue, red, pink and purple will be hot too.

The hair can always grow back, and can always be dyed, so do not be afraid to try something new in 2011! Forget the boring hair styles 2010! Hello, modern trends in short hair!

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