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It's not every day you hear that a surgical procedure went well for a football player, especially when the football player happens to have an injury that disrupts a patellar ligament in his left knee. Such was the case with Mark Sanchez, who is a football quarterback of Mexican-American who was selected in the first round of the 2009 NFL and began his career by playing college football at the University of Southern California ( USC) and at the same time, then became the only rookie quarterback to win his fourth first playoff game in NFL history so this player has had a few achievements that could be spoiled if knee surgery, was not entirely successful.

The procedure was described as a minimally invasive "arthroscopic partial" repair the ligament and it sounds like the big words especially for someone whose career depends on the success of this procedure, everything went perfectly. The quarterback is expected to recover fully before July this year when you will once again training with the team.

A few days before the Super Bowl Sanchez said he definitely will be ready for camp and also try to participate in all activities organized by the team able to do so.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has only been in the spotlight due to its sports-related achievements, but also by the fact that he himself put in several situations where the media has been able to turn his flirtatious relationship with "The Hills" star Kristin Cavallari in a Maxim party in early 2010. But whatever the situation may be that I'm pretty sure Jets fans will keep a close eye on this photogenic quarterback while recovering from their wounds and hope for the best in camp activities.

At the same time, the Jets also signed Nick Folk for a one-year contract. Nick Folk is a former kicker for the Dallas Cowboys had the option of going with the Jets and Giants, but this time everything was decided by the Jets offer because it seemed much more convenient for him.

Due to the fact that the price of some kickers up to the Jets still had to sign for Nick Folk-year contract, while taking into account that Jay Feeley is scheduled to become unrestricted free agent. Last season Feely made 30 of 36 field goal attempts and also scored 122 points, while on the other hand, Folk made 18 of 28 field goal attempts and scored only 90 points in 14 games and performance is was the reason why the Cowboys excelled with two weeks remaining of the season in particular.

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